What is SiteEditor?

SiteEditor is the most powerful Site Builder which is designed for WordPress. It’s a powerful, advanced, user-friendly front end editor and you can build your website via drag and drop and full live options. SiteEditor is also a powerful front-end platform for the developer.

Layout Builder, Theme Builder, and Theme Customizer

SiteEditor’s header builder allows to you create your custom header and apply it to all pages or a set of pages. Its footer builder acts in the same way; you can customize page titles, and in addition you can create any custom public row for the theme area and apply them to all pages or specific pages. You can complete your theme in our front-end editor. This is our most exclusive feature and it doesn’t exist on any of the other WordPress plugins. This feature has been introduced for the first time by SiteEditor.

Page Builder

You can create all of your website’s page content. Such as, page content, posts and custom post types with Site Editor. In order to do that you need to use drag and drop modules to build your page content easily and edit the module settings and simultaneously see exactly how it looks. With SiteEditor you can create page content very easily, fast and truly live.

Options Framework and Fully Live Options

See changes as you make them in a completely live environment (Front-End Editor) and after you change each option you can see the changes on your page and don’t need to switch between the admin panel and site to see those changes. Our Options Framework has +30 types of options.

Mobile Friendly

Every part of a SiteEditor like its modules, skins, etc. are well adjusted based on the size of the screen and you can set responsive options for each module and see the changes in our mobile editor preview. SiteEditor allows you to create amazing responsive designs for your site.

For Any WordPress Theme

Every website design needs to be unique. With Site Editor, you can work with any WordPress theme of your choice.

Extendable & Developer Friendly

If you are a Theme Developer, you can build your themes with SiteEditor very easily & very quickly. You can add all your theme options with our front-end options framework and you can add your modules for page builder and sync our modules with your design too.
If you are a Plugin Developer, you can build your Plugins in our front end editor with our front-end options framework.

Twenty Seventeen Plus lite Theme

Twenty Seventeen Plus is the powerful theme that it is full sync with Site Editor Plugin and you can edit this theme in front-end editor completely.