Editor Tools

Site Editor tools Allow you can edit your page easily. you can drag & drop, duplicate, remove modules in a page, also you can open dialog settings and set options for each module.

To be able to control and manage the modules, you need to use the tools available in the editor. You can observe some of these tools by simply holding your cursor over the modules. These tools are listed below:

Move Icon: You can use this tool to sort, move and drag modules. This tool allows you to place the modules anywhere on the page.

Trash Icon: this tool allows you to remove modules entirely (irreversible), also by removing the rows and columns you can eliminate all the modules inside these. In this section after clicking on the icon, a confirmation box will pop out after which you can confirm your choice and the modules will be eliminated permanently.

Settings Icon: One of the most important tools which help you gain access to module settings. After clicking on this tool, the dialog setting box will open and you can change and edit them entirely and as you see fit.

Select tool: Now if you click on the modules, they will be selected, this tool will be useful when you want to change the modules setting quickly. In this situation, the settings will switch in a way by selecting and the next modules setting will appear. However this is only made possible when the dialog setting has been already open, otherwise, you would have to open one of the modules dialog boxes using the setting tool.

Resize tool: After creating columns modules, you will see blue separating lines next to each column, by moving your cursor over these lines, a resize sign will appear (the cursor will change into a resize sign) and you resize the columns easily into any size you like.

Duplicate tool: In order to reuse the modules in the page, you can make different copies of them after editing different modules. This is made possible with this tool.

Note: You can use row and column modules to duplicate groups of modules. (After creating rows and columns with the modules that you desire. you can duplicate them)